Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing

Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing
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Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing Skunkwurx 'Duo' Carbon Fibre Ariel Atom Front Wing

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Give your Atom the F1 look with the dual-element Skunkwurx 'Duo' front wing! Ready to fit in a 3K twill carbon weave.
See below for full description and specification


Skunkwurx 'Duo' Ariel Atom Front Wing available in carbon fibre. This high quality carbon fibre or fibreglass front wing without doubt gives the Atom a more of a professional race car look. The sweeping leading edges of the wing make the car appear to be more aerodynamically streamlined and the angle of attack can be adjusted by 35-40 degrees.

When front wings are fitted to a car for track use, we highly recommend driving at a managed speed and completely on the asphalt and gradually building up your speed, The front wing can change the handling of the car and care must be taken to ensure endplates are not hitting or bouncing off high kerbs, and to get used to the width of the wing, which is not very visible from the driver seat.

The carbon version of the wing comes in a 3K twill weave with a high gloss finish, ready to mount on your car.

Please note your car needs to have the front towing eye bracket fitted for this to attach to. You can check if your car has this by seeing if the mounting for a towing eye is present directly below the nose cone.

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Manufacturer Skunkwurx
Material Carbon Fiber Composite

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  • hi ----c/f wise does this match the factory rear spoiler ?? + how easy is it fit the mounting bracket on a AA 3.5 ?

    Hi, yes it matches the weave of the factory spoilers.

    The front bracket installation is fairly straightford, the only thing slightly complicated is the radiator has to be detached from its pipes to allow the fittings to be installed and the coolant will need topping up/re-bleeding after this.

    You can follow our How To: Install Ariel Atom Front Wing/Towing Eye Bracket tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

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  • I have an Ariel Atom2. Will I be able to attach the front eye towing bracket to be able to use your front wing?

    Hi. Yes the bracket (and the wings) will fit on all the versions of the Atom. If you have an early Atom 2 the radiator flanges may need to be bent slightly or cut to allow for clearance but this is fairly easy to do and we can talk you through it.

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Follow our "How To: Install a Front Wing on the Ariel Atom" blog post/tutorial.


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