Rod Ends

The Ariel Atom cars come with Aurora rod ends and available in two types. The standard/road grade are a silver colour and have the part number embossed at the top. The competition/race spec are yellow/gold in colour with a smooth finish, and have the part number printed on the side. Over time these markings may erase or be covered with grime and may not initially be obvious.

The UK spec atoms use 20 rod-ends in total. 10 of the larger 5/8" Right-Hand Threaded rod ends, 4 of the smaller 3/8" Right-Hand Threaded rod ends, and 6 of the smaller 3/8" Left-Hand Threaded are used. The earlier US spec cars had different suspension setups and you should check your requirements, on some cars 5/8" Left-Hand Threaded rod ends were also used and more of the smaller 3/8" rod ends were used. Some of the Brammo cars were built with sub-standard SPM/SPB which are also yellow/gold in colour but have a dimpled finish and black lining between the ball and outer insert, which lead to several catastrophic failures. These should have been replaced by Brammo with either the AM/AB or the PRM/PRB series rod ends but it's always worth checking.