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I have an Ariel Atom2. Will I be able to attach the front eye towing bracket to be able to use your front wing?
Hi. Yes the bracket (and the wings) will fit on all the versions of the UK and US built Atoms (except the very early US Brammo Atoms). If you have an early Atom 2 the radiator flanges may need to be bent slightly or cut to allow for clearance but this...
How do I install the front wing/towing eye bracket?
Please see our blog post HERE
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Ariel Atom Lights
Are the triple pods available for hi/lo beam and turn signal?Also, I read that hardware is not included because the factory atom hardware can be reused. Can I purchase the hardware if I need it? I am using these lights on a similar vehicle, but its not an ariel atom.
By 'triple pods' I assume you mean the full light housing. We are working on that at teh moemnt and teh full light assemblies will be available soon. Eevrything is reusable but being able to obtain just the housing alone itself is a different issue.
How can I "upgrade" my Atom 3 older lights to the new LED lights?
The single lights are just meant to be replacements for people that have faulty/damaged lights on their car. We are working on a full retrofit solution for complete light conversion that will be available soon.
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Ariel Atom Body Panels
Will this work with my Atom 3 that has a windshield?
No the bonnet for using with a windshield is different at the top. These won't work but we have the bonnets for use with the windshields in development at teh moment.
Will the Ninja I or Nina II fit my Atom 2?
Yes both fit all the Atom 2, 3 and 3.5 and all the submodels.
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I am interested in your wing for my 2010 atom. I would need it shipped to Pennsylvania United States.can you give me a approximate shipping cost. I will need all of the mounting brackets also. Thanks, Randy
Hi Randy. You can just add all the items you require to your basket and go to the checkout to see the shipping costs to your address without having to commit to buy.
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Ariel Atom Aero Kits/Wings
Hello,I intend to buy the 'Starter' carbon fiber rear wing for my Ariel Atom. Do I need therefore the Skunkwurx rear wing fitting kit ? Or is the fitting kit included ?ThanksMichael
Hi Michael, the wings do not come with the fitting kits. You can use either one of our fitting kits or the kit sold by the factory. To install the rear wing you need a new number plate bracket, two vertical uprights, and a middle 'W' bracket. The 'W' ...
Hello, Could you please advise if the Atom front spoiler is available ? Already have one of your dual element wings on the rear of my Atom so it would be great to have a match.
Our website shows live stock values so if it is showing it is available then it will be in stock ready to ship (or collect). If it is showing as a pre-order item them you can contact us to know the ETA of our next shipment. Occasionally we have ex-demo...
Hi ----c/f wise does this match the factory rear spoiler ?? + how easy is it fit the mounting bracket on a AA 3.5 ?
Hi, yes it matches the weave of the factory spoilers. The front bracket installation is fairly straightford, the only thing slightly complicated is the radiator has to be detached from its pipes to allow the fittings to be installed and the coolant ...
Hi, it mentions in the advert for the carbon fibre solo wing that it has permenatly attached carbon legs, i gather this means that i will not need to purchase the carbon fiber legs seperate from your other page. Thanks
Hi. The permanently attached legs are the smaller legs attached to the base of the wing that allow the angle of the wing to be adjusted. The vertical brackets are still needed.
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Ariel Atom Wheels
Will these work on the Atom 3? If so, what clearance do they have? I'm running 15" wheels and need something that will let me use 16x9 or 17x9.
Yes tehy will work on the 3 and they have the same clearance as the original brackets.
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Ariel Atom Mudguards/Fenders
Do your mud guards come with brackets ?
No, The brackets are a separate product and can be bought individually or as a set.
To participate in the SCCA class I would like to race my SRA in, the SCCA requires that the fenders cover the entire tire when viewed from the top of the car. Will these fenders do that?
No, these allow teh front of teh wheel to show however we can make some to your requirements.
The fenders description does not identify whether the price is for 1 or 2 fenders. Can you clarify.
The prices are for 1 fender/mudguard.
Are these fenders able to mount on the stock Ariel mounts or do they require your mounts?Also, what are the actual measurements of the fenders width. For instance is the 295mm version actually 295mm in width?thank you!
Hi, they can be mounted on the stock brackets, the fixing points are the same. And yes, the width is the actual width of the fender. 
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Skunkwurx RaceDash
Can you provide me with the measurements and dimensions of the dash. I would like to purchase it for another kit car but need to make sure it will fit. Thanks
Hi, we've uploaded another picture that has most of the dimensions on it. Let us know if you need to know anything else. We have had customers that have used these in all sorts of cars ranging from BMW's to kit cars.
Love the race dash and carbon binnacle. Is it possible to keep the metal indicator stalk if i was to swap from the spa dash ?
Yes the standard metal rocker switch can be used, the hole size in the carbon dash and teh connections on the rear are the same.
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Race Technology Dash 2/Pro
Will this unit work on an Ariel Atom 2? And how long does it take to install? And is it literally just "drop on" in the sense that you can simply take off the old display, put on the new one and go? thanks!
Hi, yes it's made to replace all the Atom 2 and 3 models that use the SPA dash. It takes about half an hour to install and is indeed a plug'n'play solution. No wires need to be cut and all the adaptor cables to convert your existing wiring are included...
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