Skunkwurx RaceDash - Complete Upgrade for Ariel Atom from SPA Dash to Carbon Fibre Digital Dash with LED Buttons

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Complete Skunkwurx RaceDash unit to fit Ariel Atom (1/2/3) that already have a SPA dash incorporating the Race Technology Dash2 Pro, with optional GPS Data Logging.
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The Skunkwurx RaceDash allows the standard analog SPA dash on your Atom to be upgraded to the latest Race Technology Dash2 Pro digital display in under 30 minutes, and without cutting any wires, making the installation completely reversible so that should you wish to transfer the RaceDash to a different Atom or remove it, you can do so in a simple plug'n'play manner.

The RaceDash is made of premium carbon fibre materials and with brushed aluminium waterproof buttons that are LED backlit. A dimmer allows the brightness of the LED buttons to be adjusted for night driving

The standard digital dash used on the Ariel Atom 3.5 (and newer) uses the Race Technology Dash 2 unit, however the Skunkwurx RaceDash uses the substantially newer and improved Race Technology Dash2 Pro unit which amongst other things has integrated GPS data logging hardware and memory, vital for any serious trackday or racing use. The Dash2 Pro shares the same compact case as the standard Dash2 but that is where the similarity ends, the Dash2 Pro features an all new display and internals including significantly newer and faster microchips for the internal data processing leading to a much more responsive and enhanced user experience. The use of a USB connection rather than the obsolete RS232 Serial Port connector used on the Dash2 makes the Dash2 Pro much easier to connect to your PC/laptop for programming the unit or downloading data. The enhancements in the Dash2 Pro over the Dash2 make it a complete all in one road/race ready system within one ultra compact die-cast aluminium.

  • The Dash2 Pro has an integrated GPS receiver incorporating 2g Accelerometers with full data logging and integrated 8GB of storage for data (the licence to activate this feature is sold separately).
  • The Dash2 Pro allows the LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be adjusted to your preference, in both day and night modes.. The standard Dash2 has 1 level of brightness.
  • When the alarms are triggered (such as high temperatures) on the Dash2 Pro, the backlight will also flash for a more noticeable warning.
  • The Dash2 Pro allows any variables or a group of variables to be reset using an assigned button.
  • The Dash2 Pro allows the powerful processing to perform calculations on live data and display the results live.
  • The Dash2 Pro has a complete new display allowing lap/sector timing to be displayed in the bottom segments.
  • the Dash2 Pro allows any GoPro video camera to be controlled and synchronised for post race data analysis and overlays (available when the data logging option is enabled).
  • 6g Accelerometers - Upgrade the internal 2g accelerometers in the GPS data logging option. 6g accelerometers are recommended for use on high downforce vehicles, where more grip is available.
  • Low Side Drivers and 4 Extra Analogue Channels - Low side output drivers and 4 extra analogue inputs is the option you will require if you want to switch on/off external systems automatically using your DASH2 PRO. This control can be simple or based on a complicated custom equation between various channel data. This option also enables the 4 additional analogue channels, making a total of 8. 
  • PWM Output Controller - The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output controller generates a pulsed output between 100-1000Hz, at a duty cycle controlled by a user equation. This output allows for a fine control of an output system rather than just a simple on/off control. This is ideal for water injection systems / nitrous oxide injection control etc.
  • Second Serial Port - A second serial port is ideal for combining multiple input and output modules for complex systems, or driving a low speed telemetry channel on one port and a high speed output for video overlay on the second. A breakout cable is supplied with this option to enable easy connection of the separate serial ports.
  • CAN reception (15 channel per license) -  With this option the unit can decode any CAN data from either the vehicles main CAN stream or CAN based aftermarket ECU. This data can be mapped to any RT channels for saving or sending to serial port. Up to 105 CAN receive channels per unit, in multiples of 15 (one licence gets you 15 channels). Messages loadable using .dbc files. Data rates of up to 1Mbit and 11 or 29 bit addressing
  • More features coming soon - Please see Race Technology's website for continuous development updates on the Dash2 Pro
By default the custom interface cable to connect to the Atom does not include the cabling required for most of the optional extra features for the Dash2 Pro however if you do require these please let us know at the time of order. The USB interface cable and the GPS connector are included on all builds.

The Skunkwurx RaceDash is made to order as per custom requirements and requires a 2 week build time.




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Please see the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS in our blog for our guides.

Customer Questions
Can you provide me with the measurements and dimensions of the dash. I would like to purchase it for another kit car but need to make sure it will fit. Thanks

Hi, we've uploaded another picture that has most of the dimensions on it. Let us know if you need to know anything else. We have had customers that have used these in all sorts of cars ranging from BMW's to kit cars.

Will this unit work on an Ariel Atom 2? And how long does it take to install? And is it literally just "drop on" in the sense that you can simply take off the old display, put on the new one and go? thanks!

Hi, yes it's made to replace all the Atom 2 and 3 models that use the SPA dash. It takes about half an hour to install and is indeed a plug'n'play solution. No wires need to be cut and all the adaptor cables to convert your existing wiring are included...

Love the race dash and carbon binnacle. Is it possible to keep the metal indicator stalk if i was to swap from the spa dash ?

Yes the standard metal rocker switch can be used, the hole size in the carbon dash and teh connections on the rear are the same.

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