Squeaky or Rattly Ariel Steering Wheels

Steering wheel that rattles around or squeaks?

Over time the steering wheel on the Ariel Atom can become slightly loose in its housing or squeaking can be heard. The steering column is held in its place with bushes that over time degrade or break. Replacing these steering column bushes when worn out immediately improves the handling of the car, inspiring confidence once again in the steering especially at high speeds or on the track.

This inexpensive and relatively simple fix is a must, and owners should regularly check the condition of these bushes by simply holding the steering wheel firmly in both hands (while stationary) and trying to shake the steering wheel about. If there is any lateral movement in the steering wheel, then more than likely these bushes have either degraded or broken.

Replacing these steering column bushes involves detaching the steering column towards the top (think above drivers knees) and pulling the upper half of the steering column out by the steering wheel through its housing, exposing the bushes. The original bushes can be stubborn to remove and more than likely will need to be hammered out using a screwdriver and a mallet. The new bushes simply slide in to replace the old but can be a tight fit. Plenty of lubrication should ease the process but failing that the bushes can be left in a fridge or a freezer for a while, so the rubber contracts and the new bushes slide in easier.

Older cars use two bushes, newer cars use 3 bushes (bushes are used both at the front and at the rear of the steering column holder).