Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair)

Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair)
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Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair) Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair) Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair) Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Discs for Alcon Brakes (Pair)

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Uprated 2-Part Floating Brake Disc set for Ariel Atom Alcon Brakes - Ultimate Braking Performance!
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Uprated 2-Part fully-floating discs to use with the Alcon brake set up on the Ariel Atom made of a hard anodised bell and a vented and race-grooved cast iron disc with a surface grind finish for the ultimate in braking performance. The discs can be fitted to the front or the rear of the car and come as a pair (2 discs - Left+Right).

Two part discs offer several advantages over standard ones. As the centre part (bell) is made of lightweight aluminium as opposed to cast iron on traditional discs, the overall weight can be significantly less than a one-part equivalent.

With floating discs, the braking performance is also improved. As the rotor can move around freely the disc stays truly cantered in the calliper and the pads can make a full-face contact with even pressure.

The heat management is also better. The two-piece design lends itself to doing the whole job of a brake disc better. As the bell is not part of the rotor itself, when the rotor gets hot the heat transfer to the bell is not as great. So instead of the disc being one big piece of cast iron that retains the heat build-up over time, the rotor itself deals with the heat management whilst the bell itself can just do its own job of holding everything together. 

And when things do get hot, there’s less danger of long term damage. When the rotor is subjected to serious heat, it expands. By allowing it to float separately from the mounting face, it is free to expand and shrink again at will without being constrained by its mounting. When this expansion takes place it does so in all directions at once as it's not constrained by any fixed points. If this is prevented from happening in one direction (by fixing it on its mounting face) it has no choice but to warp, so floating discs are made in two parts to allow the discs to expand and prevent them from warping thus more suited to higher performance applications. A must on the track or spirited road use.

The overall cost of ownership is also reduced. Although the initial investment may be higher, when the rotor wears out it can be replaced at a much lower cost. The bell will last a long time and the bobbins (fixings) normally last 3-5 rotor changes.

The bells on all Skunkwurx two-part discs are made with hard anodised aluminium which prevents it from rusting or fading from heat/light. The rotors are interchangeable. So a fully-floating disc may at a later date be converted in to a fixed two-part disc or vice versa.

The discs can be used both on the front and the rear, and on the front only for the cars with the competition or standard brakes at the rear.

Weight of asembled brake disc: Approx 4.5kg
These discs are direct replacements for the OEM Alcon discs and can be fitted without any modifications, as per normal disc installation.

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Manufacturer Skunkwurx
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