Installation Instructions

  • How do I install the front wing/towing eye bracket?

    Please see our blog post.  HERE

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Atom Wheels

  • What Tyres do you reccommend for these wheels?
    Yokohama AD08R Road Style Tyres Rear - 16" 225 45 16 Front - 195 50 15 £370 for all 4 From Demon Tweeks Toyo R888R Track Tyres Same size as above £509.02 From Demon Tweeks
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Gear Knob

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Aero Kits/Wings

  • hi ----c/f wise does this match the factory rear spoiler ?? + how easy is it fit the mounting bracket on a AA 3.5 ?

    Hi, yes it matches the weave of the factory spoilers.

    The front bracket installation is fairly straightford, the only thing slightly complicated is the radiator has to be detached from its pipes to allow the fittings to be installed and the coolant will need topping up/re-bleeding after this.

    You can follow our How To: Install Ariel Atom Front Wing/Towing Eye Bracket tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

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  • Hello,Could you please advise if the Atom front spoiler is available ? Or when it's likely to be ready, also do you have any photos of said spoiler ?Already have one of your dual element wings on the rear of my Atom so it would be great to have a match

    Yes the front wings are available. A lot of the time our website shows out of stock as we have a lot of pre-orders sometimes and it takes a while to clear the backlog. However if you are interested then please let us know and we will let you know of actual availibility or put you on the waiting list.

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  • Hello,I intend to buy the 'Starter' carbon fiber rear wing for my Ariel Atom. Do I need therefore the Skunkwurx rear wing fitting kit ? Or is the fitting kit included ?ThanksMichael

    Hi Michael, the wings do not come with the fitting kits. You can use either one of our fitting kits or the kit sold by the factory. To install the wing you need a new number plate bracket, two vertical uprights, and a middle 'W' bracket. The 'W' bracket is different for the Atom 2 and 3/3.5.

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Skunkwurx RaceDash

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Race Technology Dash 2/Pro

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Carbon Fibre Sheets

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